Week 0: My mission


  1. MUST get off this stupid laptop (you know it’s unhealthy if you’d rather stay online than sleep)
  2. need to stop re-reading (a serious condition)
  3. as a literature student I believe I should read a lot outside my course as well
  4. now there’s something to push me (it is harder to quit if you already told all your friends about your endeavour…they start asking you about it)
  5. need to find the joy again!

Really the idea came from the last ‘reason’. I have somehow lost some of the joy new stories give me and what drove me to study literature in university. This is my scavenger hunt!


(I’m one of those weird people who like rules)

  1. NO re-reading (having watched the movie is not re-reading, right?)
  2. read a book per week and blog about it every Sunday

Okay, two rules is not much, but I did not want to limit myself too much with regards to the material I’ll be reading. Except I want to read novels, mostly fiction.

Without pretending I have any real knowledge about how books should be reviewed or critiqued, this is going to be more about what these books give me and what comes to my mind when I’m reading the books. Professionalism will come later…hopefully…

I will try to reveal the next book after each post but this time I cannot do so as I am still deciding between two books. I had my starter all planned out but then somebody went and got all the copies out of the library. So, I have some rearranging to do. However, the week starts tomorrow, so better not waste any time!

p.s. if you have any suggestions for books to read, they are more than welcome (pending anyone reads this…)

 – Jatta –


About jattavuorinen

Second year English literature student from Norwich, UK.
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2 Responses to Week 0: My mission

  1. This is your flatmate speaking:
    a. How come I didn’t know you have a blog?
    b. Does this mean I get to tease you if you end up critiquing your module reading because you didn’t have time to read anything non-university related?

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