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Week 51: Matched

contracted love Finding love is always on people’s minds, at least that what it seems like. Whether it is love for tonight, for the next few years or  lifetime, the search for the person we are meant to be with … Continue reading

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Week 21: The Post-Birthday World

Tweedledee and Tweedledum Reading chapters one and two seemed simple enough, following Irina’s struggle with her relationship with Lawrence culminating in her decision to kiss Ramsey. When the letters comprising Chapter Two hit me the second time, I knew the … Continue reading

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Week 20: The Age Of Innocence

Wharton For one of my modules at uni, I had to read two of Wharton’s novels: The Reef and The House of Mirth. With my exam only a few weeks away, I have read one of them with the other … Continue reading

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Week 17: Never Let Me Go

movies ❤ books I have already read several books that I have been put on the big screen and yet again, this book was one of those that I had seen the movie to first, years ago, and now I … Continue reading

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Week 9: One Day

destination dreamland Especially in the beginning of the novel, there is a lot of talk about what the future might hold and what should they do with their lives and how to make it. This panicky feeling of losing time … Continue reading

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